BOMBA's Mission.

BOMBA’s Mission is to help business owners be more successful – to create wealth, jobs and time. Being a business owner is extremely difficult: 4 of 5 businesses fail in the first 5 years; 4% reach $1,000,000 in revenue; and only 0.4% reach $10 million in sales. These are very long odds.

BOMBA was founded to improve these statistics. Entrepreneurship is the basis of capitalism and the US economy. Successful business owners positively impact the lives of their families, their employees’ families, their communities, their country – and yes, sometimes even their world.

By providing business owners with a practical business education that is concrete and hands-on (unlike many seminars and business books that are just theoretical), BOMBA succeeds in helping entrepreneurs – not only to survive, but to accelerate their success.

BOMBA’s comprehensive, interactive business curriculum delivered to a qualified group of business owner peers, your “cohorts,” helps entrepreneurs avoid learning by trial and error, but by shared knowledge, learning from one another’s best practices and yes, at times, their mistakes.

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The Founder's Story.

The Business Owner’s MBA curriculum was created by an entrepreneur, an executive, a banker, an academic and a coach, Deb Purvin. The entrepreneur started, managed, grew and sold two multi-million dollar businesses; the executive has been a top middle market banker for more than 20 years; the academic earned Dartmouth and Harvard degrees and teaches classes at SMU and for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program; and the coach earned a professional coaching certificate from UTD. Deb is also the proud parent of five children and a decorated athlete - a member of the US Ski Team.

BOMBA began as a response to a need more than 20 years ago – and the need still exists today.

In the mid-1990’s, I purchased a ski and golf resort on the same ridge of the Green Mountains as the second largest ski resort in Vermont. This competitor served more than one million guests each year; my resort, less than 200,000. The Valley, a quintessential, Vermont township, was served by numerous Bed & Breakfasts, 5 star restaurants, a gorgeous lake, retail boutiques and craft shops, but the area guests seldom left the big resort’s property. The local small businesses struggled to survive – including mine.

After a very bad winter, with bankruptcy threatening, I spearheaded creating a cooperative marketing program and 42 small businesses started offering attractive “weekend getaways” for the family that were more affordable and appealing than the big resorts’. Our efforts were very successful – increasing the revenue of my golf course and ski area by 50% the first year and 100% by the third year.

However, while working with the other business owners, I realized that my business partners were not always making good business decisions – in fact, they didn’t seem to understand the financial impact of their decisions at all. I started holding group coaching sessions for the group, designed worksheets to address their challenges, and led discussions about best practices. Over time, my cooperative partners and I all successfully sold our businesses; most netted more than $1million. Additionally, I had developed an entire business curriculum – the basis of BOMBA!

For the past 20 years, I have continued to teach and refine the curriculum. Learning comes not only from completing the workbook exercises and thinking differently about your business, but from learning how others have solved the same problems. Not that their solutions will fit your business, but the accumulation and filtering of ideas will lead to the best decision for your business.

The Business Owners MBA helps business owners achieve more success, more quickly by avoiding learning through trial and error. We teach MBA principles that are immediately applicable to your business. The results continue to astonish me. We welcome you to join us and accelerate your success.

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