As a business owner, have you ever felt like this?

   Stressed, Overwhelmed, Frustrated, Exhausted.
   I’m working 24/7. This isn’t what I thought owning a business was all about!
   How am I going to make payroll? AHH! Where did all the money go?
   I’m stuck… What should I do next? Who can I talk to that will understand my problems and help?
   I’m growing so fast that I’m running out of capital.
   I need more talent, but where can I find good people?

BOMBA is your solution! We help business owners navigate the challenges that you face every day!


Not only will you have answers to the questions above, but you will know all the answers to the following questions and scale your business profitably!

   Which of your customers (or products) are the most profitable?
  Are you getting the maximum return for your marketing investment?
  What are your financial statements telling you? Do you have enough capital to hit your goals?
  Can you afford to hire top talent?
  Can you leverage your cash flow to scale faster?
  How much bonus should you pay the leadership team after such a successful year?
Imagine sitting on the beach, vacationing with your family, with no worries … knowing you have payroll covered, your products (or services) are shipping, and your excellent leadership team has everything running smoothly.

Join the BOMBA Community! Dedicating only 15 minutes each day, you can make your dreams come true…




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Our Programs

The Business Owner’s MBA has a proven curriculum, with hands-on practical advice for you to immediately recognize results – no theories or $1B company case studies – just solid, step-by-step videos and exercises coupled with one-on-one coaching and peer learning – with 10 other business owners facing the same challenges, sharing insights and success stories.

After more than 20 years, BOMBA results prove our business owners’ success:

  • Sales growth of 40%+
  • DOUBLE your net profit
  • Take more days off!
  • Be happy! With less stress!

Choose the program that’s right for you – join a BOMBA Mastermind with a peer group, focus only on your financials in the BOMBA Financial Bootcamp, take the self-directed BOMBA Program, or talk to us about one-on-one financial coaching (or an outsourced CFO) for your business!

Here’s what our alumni have to say:

Without your help, insight, coaching, and mentoring there is no way I'd be where I am today and no way our business would have succeeded to this level. Thank you for giving your time, energy and knowledge to help us achieve our dreams.

Heidi Rasmussen
Co-Founder - Freshbenies

“When you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s important to surround yourself with people who do. I highly recommend Deb and the “virtual boardroom” style peer group she creates for business owners.”


Lance McGee,
CEO EnergyServ Solutions

To say that you have had a significant impact on me and my development as an entrepreneur doesn’t feel adequate. Your wisdom, encouragement, and straight up damn good advice saved me countless times. Every entrepreneur should have a Deb Purvin in their corner!

Sunny Nunan
Founder, The Admin Awards