BOMBA Masterclass

Business Owner’s MBA Masterclass is built on a curriculum that is the simple-to-understand foundation to growing and managing a business successfully. While business owners are all very highly qualified experts in their professions, businesses, and industries; BOMBA teaches them to be experts in the “business of business.”

The combination of videos, stories, and worksheets gives the business owner all the tools needed to build and scale a profitable company. Working with other business owners in a small group and sharing “best practices” accelerates the learning curve and creates a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. It doesn’t have to be “lonely at the top.”

Unlike any other program, BOMBA focuses on financials – the engine to profitability and success. What are your financials saying? Learn how to make good business decisions by understanding your financial trends, ratios, and opportunities.

Plug into a community of people who own businesses and are going through what you are! Masterclasses are kept small, adopting to the best adult learning-practices (10 to 12 business owners in non-competing industries).

Learn from each other’s experiences, see problems from a different point of view, brainstorm challenges, and discuss solutions with others who have been-there-done-that.

Why The BOMBA Masterclass?

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